Portugal 2 – United States 2

Bad Start for the US as Nani scores in the 5th minute. Geoff Cameron does not clear the ball properly. Tim Howard slips. Nani puts in an easy early goal.
Nani has been an after thought in both the Portuguese national team and Manchester United. So when an opportunity like this arises; he takes it. Chicarito has gotten the same poor treatment by the Mexican national team and Man U as well. I think both are having a better tournament than anyone would have suspected.
No team likes playing from behind. No fan likes to see their team behind. So I despair as the first half goes on.
There was a minor scuffle between Kyle Beckermann and Raul Meireles. Both played on. But it was a moment of chippiness that could have boiled over. The refs did not get involved immediately. It seemed like something that the refs need to get on a lot quicker. That is part of what they are there for. And as this tournament goes forward; players are only going to get more chippy and desperate. Something to watch going forward.
Then the unthinkable happens. I lose my satellite signal. There was very heavy rain in middle America. My dish network receiver is not as durable and/or reliable as other systems I have had. But it is cheaper. But I missed the end of the first half because I had no signal.
I went to a gym to work and to watch the second half. Got to the highest of highs and then watched in agony.
Jermaine Jones another Half American – Half German player brought the US level in 64th minute brought my spirits up immediately. I was screaming and dancing in public. Which isn’t me per se. But it made me happy to see Jones send in that score.
Then in the 81st minute, Clint Dempsey showed why he is the captain of this team. He scored his second goal of this tournament. Another good goal. Dempsey just seems to be in the right place for it.
A couple of missed opportunities. Michael Bradley helped to generate more offensive pressure. Bradley took a more central role in controlling the ball which was needed.
For the majority of the game; the defense did not allow Cristano Ronaldo to get clear looks. But Ronaldo shows that it is not always direct involvement that is most important. He sent in a beautiful cross that once again Geoff Cameron misplayed by being behind his assigned player. This allowed Silvestre Varela to get a free header with only 20 seconds left in stoppage time.
I was working out on an elliptical machine as the goal was scored and the game ended quickly after. But I had ten minutes left on my machine. I wanted to throw a fit and just go crazy. But I couldn’t. I had a work out to do. I hope that the US team realizes that too. There is work to do.
Portugal would have to take it to Ghana to make it in. They are tied with Ghana but behind the US and Germany. So they have to win to get in. No alternative for them. They do not look good. They are missing a bunch of key players. I couldn’t solve their ills. I didn’t see enough. They started a new goalie which means even they realize how much of a dire strait they are in. I think the three forward 4-3-3 set worked better. They can win without possession. With Ghana they should be able to possess the ball. But Ghana has the same level of desperation; Ghana has to win to get in. So this is a dogfight.
Similarly, the US plays Germany and neither of those teams are in either. Both need to get in with this game. I do not care about the scenarios that get Germany in so I am not going through them. A win gets the US in and that is what I would like to see. This US team dominated the second half against Portugal and let a mental lapse in the final half-minute ruin an instant bid into Group of 16. They need to be decisive. A draw gets them both in on points. And with a loss; US should hope for a Ghana win then they get in on head-to-head. If Portugal wins, they need to make up the minus 4 goal differential. Which is possible because if the US losses it will lose its 1 point goal differential at least and could be down by more if Germany scores a lot. Portugal has to win by more than 5 points most likely. That is difficult.
I want to see a US win.
I. I Believe. I Believe That. I Believe That We. I Believe That We Will. I Believe That We Will Win!

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