Through Game # 2 of Group Play – 2

Officiating has still be a concern in this World Cup. There is goal line technology which as made some goals clearer. In the second Italian game vs. Costa Rica; it showed how the lone goal got passed Gianluigi Buffon. It was hard to see real-time. Very clear using the technology. That helped Costa Rica secure their place in the Group of 16.

But some calls are still going to be blown. I quick accounting at the few I have seen.
1. Brazil first round game vs. Croatia – Fred
2. Mexico first round game vs. Cameroon – Two scores that were disavowed because of offsides.
3. BIH and NIG second round game vs. Nigeria – No call on a penalty that should have been a penalty kick. Big call in a 1-0 game. Plus one offsides.

I have not seen every game. These were the ones that were most agrious that I remember from the games I have seen. Depending on your national allegiance; there might have been more. Maybe you think there were more blown calls. Feel free to add into the list.

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