Game #3s for World Cup Round #1 is a dilemma for me.

Because I have to work. So I can not watch. Well, not really [wink].

Anyway; I won’t comment too much until I can watch live. I like to be able to see what is going on beyond the score sheet. I like to see the real game. And with all of them going on during my work day; I really can not do that.

If I do comment, then I have made some way to see the game. At least one half of it.

I am however definitely paying attention. Seeing what I can when I can. And these last games will reveal plenty about the teams that are going forward.

Even teams like The Nederland and Chile who were already through showed a lot today. In a game that was “insignificant” & vanPersie less game; Nederlands still put in two goals in the second half.

Mexico won a date to play Nederlands who have to be seen as a front-runner.

So the next three days are going to determine a lot. Even more than the remaining nine teams that will go through to the round of 16. Going to try to comment on the upcoming round of 16 using the knowledge I have of the play in the tournament so far.

So Brazil will play Chile. And Nederlands will play Mexico. I think Chile has a chance they way they are playing. Brazil has a lot of firepower though.

Mexico is in a really bad spot. Nederlands is playing great football. And Mexico is only just hanging on. They barely qualified. They still aren’t trusting Chicarito which I think is a mistake, a big one. Not sure their strategy is viable. Shall see. That is why they play the games.


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