Rocky Start is better than none at all

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) was eliminated in their 1 – 0 loss to Nigeria after a 2 – 1 loss to Argentina. And they won something very important. They have a spot at the table.

This was BIH’s first World Cup. War torn country that was a part of Yugoslavia. It is one of six countries that was created when Yugoslavia split. Only one other, Croatia, qualified for the tournament this year. Croatia’s fate is sealed with only one win and two losses; there World Cup is over as well.

The reason I say that BIH has done something important is that they are now a team that has qualified. They have a history. Limited though it is; it is a start. And it is a rocky start at that.
So what did BIH win? A post in history. It is difficult to start from nothing. As this young country showed. But now they have a start point. Somewhere to move forward from.

The bad part about the start is the own goal vs. Argentina. The other two goals were not the worst to give up. They just did not work in BIH’s favor.

Now in their last game; they need to score a goal. Start that tradition in their World Cup history. Set up a foundation to take into qualification for EURO 2016. That is their next step.

BIH is joining an elite group. More countries are part of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)- 209 than the United Nations (UN)- 193. So more countries are concerned with being eligible for the World Cup than UNICEF.

Only 32 of those 209 earned a trip to the World Cup. The top 15% of footballers in the World. It is an elite group. And gaining a place in that history is worth mentioning. Now, they need to get a positive history as well. They have one of the best strikers in the world in Edin Dzeko who plays for former EPL champs Manchester City. He needs to find the back of the net for his country as well. And let’s see BIH expand the reach of soccer throughout the country. Because some young kid is watching right now and dreaming of his own future triumphs in a BIH kit.

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