Missing More Soccer

I live in a rented townhouse in a nice development. But recent weather has done damage to the outside of the homes. Management decided that something needs to be done about it. And in their infinite wisdom; they picked a Saturday morning to do it. Yaa.
So not only did their banging, right outside my window, wake me from a weekend slumber. The ladder they used was straddling my dish. So while they were working; not much I could do.
Then it started raining. So the workers stopped working. It was dangerous so that was the right call.
But then I could not tell what was making the signal go out.
Took hours for the rain to clear up. The workers did not come back. And neither did my signal.
I tried chatting with DISH Network online [http://www.dish.com/chat]. That was close to useless. Only thing it was good for was to schedule for a technician. Originally there was a wide time frame of when they would come. Between 12 and 5.
They called last night to confirm they were coming between 12 and 1:15. Then called back this morning, early, to say they were coming from 12 to 1:15. Next called an hour prior to showing up to say they were coming between 12 and 1:15. No one came.
When I called their toll free number [1-800-333-3474]; magically the time was now between 1:30 and 3. No call to me to confirm the time change. Not a peep this time. Why?
None of that really matters. What matters is; I missed Brazil and Columbia’s wins yesterday. And I am missing the game today so far. And I am pissed about that.
So Patriot Pointe Management; I am going to get on their case about this.
And Dish Network; I am going to get on their case about this.
But I still miss my soccer games. BOOOOOO!

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