Soccer’s Big Opportunity

With many American parents looking for a less violent sport than tackle football could soccer football make in roads this summer. There are still injuries in soccer. As evidenced by Clint Dempsey’s broken nose, Jermaine Jones was shaken up last game with a broken nose, and Jozy Altidore’s hamstring. But the long-term effects are likely less. Even the short-term effects are less seeing as how those three guys who were injured are still playing in the tournament.

Watching the national team could be a binding experience. This World Cup has been good for the US. But even before it started, there were a bunch of warm up games in the US with other countries too. Plus this could be the step. Where kids do more than just play it as young kids. They start playing in high school. And further.

If kids saw how much you can make internationally; that would be an automatic draw. That is just a hard thing to translate though. With the MLS getting more exposure; it will help. It won’t take over anything right away. But if it can grow and grow; that is will be good.

Biggest draw will be continued winning in the tournament. I am hoping to see more and more from this team. Starting with beating Belgium. But I am going to bet that, win or loss, there are more fans of the sport. It is growing. That is a good thing.

This is soccer’s moment!!

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