Brazil 2 – Columbia 1

Lots of action right from the start.

In the 7th minute; Thiago Silva puts the host team ahead. Corner kick from Neymar was the set up. They used the set piece to put themselves ahead.

Brazil amped up their offensive pressure. Shots by Hulk and Oscar did not find the net. But there was a lot of pressure on David Ospina.

This game got really chippy. Really quickly. There was a ton of action centered around James Rodriguez.

The first half ended without another goal. There is a lot of action. Lots of running. But no goals.

The second half started with a more action. Columbia is looking more desperate. They realize that they are both behind and playing the host. And the host is Brazil, not just a historically good team but an actively good team. Still not getting the chances they need though.

More chippiness in the second half too. Not many yellow cards early. The refs just let them play. Which is dangerous. That is how people get hurt.

David Luiz scored on a free kick in the 69th minute. He put it hard and high into the goal. David Ospina was hiding behind the wall which is useless. Then Ospina actually got a glove on it. Luiz just put more on it than Ospina could handle. Just the right touch.

Carlos Bacca’s run in the 77th minute would not have been a goal. But it did end with a yellow card for Julio Cesar. And a penalty kick for Columbia. Taken by James Rodriguez. Who scored on a stutter step. Giving Columbia a chance with about 10 minutes to go.

Columbia have a lot to be proud of. But it sucks to lose. They did not have enough good looks on goal. They had a couple of offsides that should have been better monitored. They have a lot of fight. James Rodriguez was the bright spot. Six goals in six games. He will have lots of offers.

Brazil was anxious the whole game. This led to their goals. They had offensive pressure the whole game. But the defense was not that steady. Thiago Silva is both the skipper and leader of the defense and he will miss the next game because of yellow cards. But I think that the attacks from multiple the forwards and midfielders will counteract that.

Brazil versus Germany on Tuesday afternoon 4 EDT, 3 CDT, 2 MDT, 1 PDT in the first semi-final game.

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