Germany 1 – France 0

Matt Hummels was able to put in a header from the free kick. Beauty.

The rest of the game was about Manuel Neuer making good saves. Karim Benzema getting blocked on good opportunities. And Matt Hummels doing his regular job stopping two of France’s best chances as well.

This was not the most exciting game. I expected a lot more. France did not seem to put up much of a fight. You would have thought down the line that the French would have tried more offense. They played it like it was still group stage. Like they didn’t realize they needed to win to move forward. I am really surprised. They looked a lot better in the opening rounds. This was kind of flat.

Germany did not look as good either. They really relied on solid defense. I was expecting more of a balanced game. I was not impressed, personally. It will be interesting to see if they have a different strategy in the semi-final.

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