Nederlands 0 – Costa Rica 0 Nederlands thru on Penalty Kicks

The first half was a mix of hotly contested futbol and walking around on the pitch. There were some good counters. Lots of hard futbol. I liked the intensity to start. By the end of the half, it was scoreless.

In the 61st minute, Joel Campbell got robber. He should have gotten a penalty kick. He was knocked over in the box. Completely uncalled for. Well except for the fact that it is for national pride and a trophy.

In the 82nd minute a free kick after another Arjen Robben flop was about the closest to a goal as we have come in the game. A bar out by Wesley Sneijder. But then no Dutch player can get a boot on it. Missed opportunity.

In the 88th minute, Robin vanPersie blew it on a cross from Sneijder. Too worried about the foul and not the ball. Missed an easy goal.

Two minutes into stoppage time; Yeltsin Tejeda made the second best save by a non-goalie in the tournament. Used his body to block vanPersie.

So there was going to be an extra 30 minutes after regulation time had run out. Sneijder’s must be cursing the top crossbar.

Then after two hours, no one had scored. On to penalty kicks. In a very odd move; Nederland brought in Tim Krul.

Costa Rica had scores by Celso Borges, Giancarlo González, Christian Bolaños

Bryan Ruiz was blocked by a soft spot where Tim Krul guessed right on the Ticos second.

Nederlands had scores by Robin vanPersie, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Dirk Kuyt. No need for a fifth. All four were precision. Like great surgery; can’t even see the scar.

Then Michael Umaña missed the last kick. Tim Krul guessed correctly again. Even though Umaña put enough on it; it

Keylor Navas had an amazing game. In fact the whole team had a great game. For 2 hours they played a great game. They hung in there with a team that was relentless. There is a lot to be proud of in their performance. Joel Campbell could have been a hero if a call goes a different way. Ruiz played a great game. Tejeda’s save was necessary and such a great save by an non-goalie. They have a ton of talent on this team. Their defense did not concede to some of the best players and strikers in the world. Ticos represented CONCACAF so well. This was not their day.

All that said; it was all about Navas. He did a great job throughout. Last game he was the champion. This time; it just didn’t happen. I bet Argentina wished they could have Navas for a game. CONCACAF goalies Navas, Ochoa and Howard were some of the best in this entire tournament. It is amazing to see such quality.

Weirdest move bringing in the 6’4” Tim Krul over Jasper Cillessen who is only 6’2”. I have never seen something like this. But it worked. vanGuul looks like a Genius. If it hadn’t worked; well do not have to figure out that if.

The Dutch should be set up well against Argentina. I can’t see Argentina’s defense withstanding the assault from Robben and vanPersie.

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