Sundown Salute late night rock

I live in an actual Kansas cow-town. Despite that, they put on a good holiday carnival. This is about the musical acts.

3 July

The Killer, The King & Cash [Tribute/Cover Band to Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash]
I only got to hear one song. Sounded good. It was Elvis and he is the King. So it is supposed to sound good. In fact, it better sound good. Don’t want that type of bad karma.

Edge of Forever [Tribute band to Lynard Skynard]
I had the misfortune of hearing them last year. And that same misfortune was shared not just at Zona Rosa last year but here in Junction City this year. Apparently there is no time to practice in this forever they are in. Because they have not gotten any better and they still do not sound very good.
They constantly try to get the crowd into it. As a part of the crowd; I was turned off to the music. So not reason to cheer until the music improves. That is going to take a whole lot of practice to get to the point of adoration that they think they deserve just showing up. That is not how it works.

4 July

Travelin’ Band [Tribute band to Creedence Clearwater Revival]
This was not a good tribute to a good band.
Singing was way off. The tone. Pitchy. All of it.
The music was not on track. The parts were there but they did not line up. The guitar would have been good on its own. But paired with the rhythm section; it was off. Made it sound disjointed.
This was about the quality I would expect for a free performance.

Hells Bells [Tribute band to AC/DC]
This was an actual tribute. They could play. The singer sounded good. It wasn’t even too loud. They played it just right.
It was easy to clap for these guys. They gave it all they had. And it showed. I was fully entertained.
The guitars were on point. They played with volume and speed. Just right. The lead was even head-banging like Angus. It kept the songs going.
The rhythm section was a good compliment. The singer sounded good. It was all put together well.
They played all the songs you would expect. Ended with Thunderstruck. It was a great set. I didn’t write down the order but it was a good flow.
Then the weak fireworks. The city did a lot better job lining up musical acts. The music was the draw.
Hells Bells gets a Thumbs Up!

5 July

Warrant [The actual band! With its current line-up]
They were late to the set but once they got started; it was good. I thought that it would sound weird without Jani Lane up front. But it was all around good.
New songs are good. Unfortunately they don’t have the proper backing. So they are out there grinding. And they sound good live.
The old songs sound like they should. Robert Mason is more than just a replacement on vocals. He wails on the new songs. He brings back good memories on the old songs. Sounds like a front man should.
This is what rock bands do. Grind. Play shows. Hit the road. Promote the heck out of themselves. And Warrant did that damn thing!
Warrant gets a Thumbs up!

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