Germany 7 – Brazil 1

I did not get to see this one as it happened. I did not get to watch it because I have to work. BOOO! Plus I am not able to get to Brazil. Double BOOO! But I did get to watch the recap. ESPN was more than happy to rerun the highlights.

And honestly, this was kind of the sad beating that is better watched on a recap. Unless you are a Germany fan who wants to watch this type of drubbing in person. If you are; then you can appreciate the dominance in the German performance. Specifically in the first half.

For Germany in the first half was a flurry of goals by the following: Thomas Muller, Miroslav Klose, two by Toni Kroos, and Sami Khedira. Then in the second half Andre Schurrle who came on for Miroslav Klose; put in two. Which is like some mojo since Klose broke the all time goal record for the World Cup passing Brazil’s Ronaldo.

Oscar was able to put in one for the hosts. This did little to save face though. This was by far the worst loss by Brazil. It was honestly a horrible embarrassment.

I am not sure this was the worst indictment on Julio Cesar. The defense was both lazy and porous. It was not ready for the challenge. And Germany saw that from the beginning. They took full advantage. But that is not on the goalie solely. The defense was without the captain Thaigo Silva. Heck the whole team was without the captain.

More than that, they were without their offensive safety blanket up front in Neymar. I will have another post on that one.

Brazil will have a chance in the consolation game.

Germany will be rapt in their viewing of the game against Nederlands and Argentina. Shall see if this might be an all European final in Brazil which will be a first in the Americas. Or if Argentina will ride Lionel Messi’s left foot into the final?

For now; Germany has proven their worth. The all German UEFA final between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund last year was not a fluke. This team is ready for whomever they face. This is possibly an epic final. Whether it is Nederlands or Argentina; Germany is ready to face whomever comes their way. Offense and Defense was ready for it all.

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