Neymar’s injury is unfortunate and could have been prevented.

Injuries are a part of soccer/futbol. It is bound to happen. But sometimes it does not need to inother words could be avoided. Case and point, the injury to Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior on 4 July 2014 against Columbia was unnecessary.

Spanish referee Carlos Velasco Carballo is to blame for that injury. He allowed far too many fouls go. No yellow cards in the first half. None. There is no way at this stage of the tournament you will have a clean half. Not going to happen.

You could see the game becoming unraveled. One of the first signs was Thiago Silva’s very stupid yellow card. That was so out of place. After that, the referee finally wised up. He finally started to take control of a game that was totally out of control.

But that was not enough. The game was already out of control. And in the 87 or 88th minute; Neymar was fouled hard. I am not even going to put by who. It was not a malicious foul. I do not want to besmerch the reputation of a player who was playing hard to win.

This injury is on the referee Carlos Velasco Carballo. He should have controlled the game. He did not. And Neymar has incurred a life changing injury.

The result of this injury is very very serious. Any spinal injury has a very serious implication. I do not have any idea how badly it is for Neymar currently beyond the fact that he missed the semi-final and will miss the consolation game. I am sure they are doing all they can to get him recovered. I believe Neymar will be back to form for Barcelona as soon as possible. But this injury was completely unnecessary.

The game was completely out of control. Julio Cesar the Brazilian goalie got a yellow card. WTF? How is it that a game gets that out of control? Because the referee did not have control of the game. That is the top way that players get hurt.

I am sure many Brazilian fans will argue this had a direct affect on the semi-final versus Germany. Brazil got massacred by Germany and the Brazilian play was anemic at best. Because they were missing two key players in Neymar and Thiago Silva. The lasting affect to Neymar is a much bigger issue. And it is sad that Carballo’s

Referees are there to make sure the rules are adhered to. Calling offsides is important. Realistically the referees are there to make sure that things go smoothly in the game. But they also can make sure that bad things do not happen. Otherwise we would play without them like in a pick-up game. And when the referees do not control the game; people get hurt. Like Neymar did. And it has an affect on not just the game but life. That is not right.

Carlos Velasco Carballo should not be allowed to referee for at least a year. Until he can prove that he is capable. He is not in control the game. He should not be a referee. It is far too dangerous.

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