Hell’s Kitchen – Jet planes needs jet engines, right?

On the Season 12 Episode 18 there was a challenge. It was won by Scott Commings. His duck “leftover” dish was to be featured in a magazine. It was picked as the winner by Gordon Ramsay and guest judge Laurie Buckle who is an editor for Better Homes and Garden. So Scott, the dish and Ms. Buckle will be in the magazine at some point but I don’t know when.
AS a prize; Gordon said that he was going on a private jet. Which he could share this prize with another contestant. He picked the only other guy left, Jason Zepaltas. Which means they got to skip the preparation for service as well.
Gordon Ramsay said that they would be going on a private jet. Even more exciting; it was a fighter jet. The guys were completely stoked.
They got all suited up in present day fighter uniforms. That made them look like they were ready for some serious action. Move over Tom Cruise; Scott and Jason are the Top Guns.
Than they walked out to the planes they would flying in. And there was something really interesting right up front. A propeller.
They did get to go up in the props. They even got to take the stick. Scott seemed to really enjoy it. Jason did what he usually does on the show, scream and sweat. He does a lot of both in a little span of time.
I don’t know why it bothered me so much. I was just hacked off by it. Why say jet if it isn’t a jet?

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