Nederlands 0 – Argentina 0 Argentina thru on Penalty Kicks

I did not see the first half of this game. Really did not need to. No goals.
In the second half; the game was mostly in the middle 1/3rd of the field. Did not see many forays into the scoring parts of the field. It was very rainy throughout the area and in the stadium. I think this caused sloppy play on the field. And on to the extra half hour to see if someone could put something in the net.
Robin vanPersie had gone out in the second half and handed the captain’s stripe to Arjen Robben. vanPersie had not been as effective on the pitch since the second game. Not sure how he can be captain at all. I do not believe he played an entire in the tournament. He missed both shoot out. It was an uninspired captaincy.
It was up to Robben and Lionel Messi to finish this game out. Robben was the captain and had carried the Dutch team in the other rounds. Same with Messi. Messi was the shining star that had gotten his country this far. Which of these stars was going to push their team over the hump?
In 30 minutes, no one could do it. No goals. These two powerhouses could not score. They couldn’t really get into position to score. Not many opportunities.
On to penalty kicks. The Dutch did not try their tricky with the goalie. They stuck with Jasper Cillessen. Argentina had rolled with Sergio Romero for the entire tournament and this would be his time to shine.
The Dutch got off to a bad start. Ron Vlaar was blocked by Sergio Romero. Big time. Ajren Robben made his shot. Then Wesley Sneijder was also blocked Romero. Just about sealing their fate to the consolation game. Even though Dirk Kuyt was able to make the fourth shot.
In contrast; Argentina did what was smartest by leading with their strongest shooter Messi. Followed by shots made by Ezequiel Garay, Sergio Aguero. Maxi Rodriguez’s shot dispensed the need for a fifth shot. Argentina rejoices.
Not sure if Angel Di Maria will be back for the final versus Germany. But he would definitely help. Argentina’s defense proved their worth without him. I have not thought much of it but Romero and the rest of them have done the job. Shall see if Aguero or Gonzalo Higuaín can benefit from Messi’s magic. Will this team be able to take the tournament in Brazil; it most heated rival’s homeland?
Or will Messi get the singular thrill of putting to rest all of the criticism of his underperformance for his country. Messi has been solid in every game. He has been a good captain. He has led this team. Can he claim this title just as he has multiple La Liga titles, UEFA cups and four Ballon d’Or. Cementing himself as the player of the year once again. Showing the voters that they over-estimated Cristano Ronaldo who “stole” the award last year.
World Cup Final Germany vs. Argentina.

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