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Finally tried spinach and ……..

It was actually good. I never had/took the chance before to taste spinach. Now that I have, I likely will again. It is not an instant favorite. But it was tasty. Now if I could have only gotten Popeye-like forearms … Continue reading

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Why I like sports sometimes

Two Newcastle Super Fans were lost on July 17th, 2014. John Alder & Liam Sweeney were on board of MH-17, the plane that was shot down over Ukraine. They were just two of the 298 souls lost on that day. … Continue reading

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What they are concerned about as opposed to what they SHOULD be concerned about.

I understand why in Ferguson, Missouri is so worried about what will happen to the man who killed Michael Brown. The killing that occurred on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. It is because of what happened to Trayvon Martin’s … Continue reading

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Media would actually have to do their job or get better and they have a chance to RIGHT NOW.

There is a story about some law students who are suing Exam Soft software for not being able to submit their exam answers. This is not my point so if you are interested in that story refer here: or … Continue reading

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Motley Crue and Alice Cooper in Kansas City, MO Sprint Center

On Sunday 3 August 2014 Alice Cooper and Motley Crue played the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. And the show rocked for certain. The concert was really good. They made us wait about an hour and half to get … Continue reading

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Problem with Anything Else commercial on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is that it is on HBO. Hopefully the people who need payday loans are not watching HBO. And if they are; “good choices” like that is why they … Continue reading

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Late Night Hunger

I hate when I am hungry late at night. Seems to always happen when I stay up later on weekends. Then it is a struggle not to eat something. Anything. I try to only drink water. Maybe a beer too. … Continue reading

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