Media would actually have to do their job or get better and they have a chance to RIGHT NOW.

There is a story about some law students who are suing Exam Soft software for not being able to submit their exam answers. This is not my point so if you are interested in that story refer here: or

What is my point is that this group of students/plaintiffs have two hash tags for there “plight”. #Barmageddon which is not that bad. Not that clever but it will get your attention. It references the law so that is somewhat informative. It is an overstatement just like any claim of Armageddon like events such as snowmageddon because we know the Earth isn’t actually ending. But in no way disturbing.

The hashtag that is my concern here is # Barghazi.

Now I am not quite sure how a software glitch can be equated to the level of being associated with the death of four Americans in Libya. But than again I am not a lawyer. I would never have sued McDonalds for serving hot coffee but that has been done and won, multiple times.

I know that this is their profession, the law. It is not just a job; it is something that goes beyond that. Despite my previous disparaging remarks; I do have respect for the law. And all the work that lawyers have to go through.

I am even in favor of this lawsuit in particular. There are many frivolous lawsuits. Many that are simply unnecessary in my opinion. I think this is a legitimate case. If Exam Soft was smart; they would settle out of court.

But I do bristle against the use of Benghazi to draw attention to their cause. That atrocity has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. These people are alive. They can do something about this. Is it inconvenient? Sure. Is it tragic? No. Not even close.

This type of thing shows a disregard for decorum. For good decency. Someone with some common sense or sway should say something. I mean more than just me with this little read blog. This is something the media should destroy in seconds.

The reason that the media cannot do this is that they are the ones who invented said act of stupidity. How? By putting -gate at the end of any and all things. This is over course reference to Watergate the synonymous term that refers to the 1972 burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters that was located in the Watergate Hotel. Going to skip the history lesson but if you are still confused please go to:

Since then, every little thing gets a –gate. Sometimes it is a scandal. Sometimes it is just mundane things that happen. It is so prominent it has been aggregated into a list:

If this only happened with small town newspapers or local TV news; that would be fine. But you all the networks still use –gate as if it is appropriate. It is one thing, lazy. And worse than that, it is misleading.

If used properly, -gate would only be affixed in two instances. First would be if something happens are the Watergate Hotel. The second would be to describe a robbery. These instances are acceptable. When it is at least remotely similar to the reason it is famous. Or rather infamous.

Just because you have put –gate on whatever the news story is does not actually describe what is going on. It does not make for good reporting. It is not good journalism. It makes the readers both mislead and misinformed. Most news agencies do it to make the story more popular and get more viewers/readers. It does neither.

I am not sure how hash tags really work. I am admittedly not on Twitter. However I do not think that hash tags are made to rally people to your side. This particular one could backfire. Cause a lot of people against you. Because there are a lot of people who take was happened in Libya very seriously, as they should.

This is not some mythical end of the world statement or break in at a hotel or anything else. Benghazi is the place where four Americans lost their lives. Maybe these lawyers should have more respect for that.

Next time maybe Exam Soft will Beta test. Then the lawyers can add the beta tester to the list of defendants.

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