What they are concerned about as opposed to what they SHOULD be concerned about.

I understand why in Ferguson, Missouri is so worried about what will happen to the man who killed Michael Brown. The killing that occurred on August 9th, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.
It is because of what happened to Trayvon Martin’s killer, right? Trayvon Martin who was killed on February 26th , 2012.
Wait what? That killer is still alive? He has a new girlfriend even though he was married to someone else when he killed the first time? And he abused that woman Samantha Scheibe. And Ms. Scheibe might have been pregnant with that killer’s baby and possibly he was still married? Nothing happened to the killer but he is out and abusing and still armed and ready to kill again. So we have more to fear from this confirmed killer? Hmmmm. Well maybe the Ferguson Police know something we don’t know.
Maybe it was because what happened to Jordan Davis’ killer, huh? You know the kid who was killed on November 23rd, 2012. Surely that’s what you are referring to.
That guy was not found guilty. Mistrial. He is free to do what he would like? This man who killed at a gas station. Not his home. Not anyone else’s home. He killed a young man in public and he has still not been found guilty almost two years later? Hmmmm. That is weird. Neither of those guys got any repercussions.
So why are the Ferguson and St. Louis Police being so reactive? They wait until the very last second to release any snippet of information. The Ferguson and St. Louis Police have relied on the freedom of information act to do their job for them.
No wonder there is so much turmoil.
That and after successive nights of turbulence the Ferguson police chief that he “Did not know of a building undertow of mistrust.” Well you can watch for yourself:

He might see engagement. There is too much engage of bullets and black flesh in my humble opinion.
At some point; I would like to see some proactive behavior. Why aren’t the community leaders getting out in front of all this? Why aren’t the police and elected officials getting out in front of all this? All of these so-called leaders need to start working together. Start thinking ahead. Start doing something.
We need to see some true work done together. Realize what the problems are. And find ways that work. Start implementing them.

[NOTE: The names of the victims were the only ones mentioned in this post. The reason for that is unlike in a rape, only the victim is important. Too often we focus on the shooters when the real focus should be the victims. That goes for what happened in Virginia Tech, Boston, Newtown, Las Vegas, heck even going back to Columbine, Colorado and so many tragedies.]

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