Greed vs. Indulgence

Showtime has an excellent series called 7 Deadly Sins hosted by Morgan Spurlock. They have done an excellent job. Lust and Gluttony were really well done. Wrath had one good part on it that featured the website . And Pride opened with a very sad segment about a sad person.
On September 11, 2014 the subject of the show was Greed. It followed the formula of having 3 examples of the sin per show. The problem with this particular show was that I don’t agree that these were examples of Greed. They are simply indulgence facilitated by wealth. Which is not the same.
Here are the examples from the show:
1. Title: A More Perfect Union. This segment was about the world of Sugar Daddy/baby that exists on . They talked to both a Sugar Daddy and two sugar babies and the owner/operator of the website. It was a good segment. But I didn’t see greed. The Sugar Daddy was indulging in his way. They did not get into the Sugar Daddy’s needs. The segment did get specific on what the two sugar babies got in the arrangement. Some of the sugar babies desires were simple. Food and rent and a vehicle. Some were high end like particular brands of clothing or accessories. But I am not sure they were greedy. They were extravagant and indulgent. But I didn’t see the Sugar Daddy and two sugar babies being greedy. They were not demanding. They were not scheming. But they did take advantage of their attributes whether monetarily or appearance. So it didn’t seem greedy but it does seem indulgent. Personally I think that people should be able indulge. But does that rise to the level of greed?
To me; what would be greedy is if they were asking for much more than they needed. Like if the Sugar Daddy was already married and asking for the sugar baby to do things that a wife would be expected to. Or if the sugar baby had three houses and asked for the fourth. These things are greedy. Because it is goes so far above simple needs. Even above indulgence which is just having better version of a basic need. Greed is taking more than you could need. Going above that. I didn’t perceive that as being the case.
2. Title: The Faithful. This segment was about how a particular church within the Christian faith is inspiring wealth conscientious. I did not note which denomination but I think that detail is irrelevant. The example was about using tenets in the Bible to make money. Keeping faith in the process by going to church and tithing as directed. And increasing wealth. Once again; it didn’t seem like any of these people were greedy. They were making money. And part of that money was going to their church and potentially toward charity or other positive works. That just doesn’t seem greedy to me.
Once again; it didn’t seem like this went above having nice things. Some of this money was going to genuine altruism. It just doesn’t seem greedy. More than basic need sure. None of the people looked like they missed a meal. They all look like they can afford health insurance. But Greed goes far beyond simply having nice things. No one on the segment said anything about buying a diamond encrusted bible or anything less worthy of spending righteously earned money.
3. Title: Animal Instinct. This segment is about hunting exotic mostly African animals in Texas. They had a list of a variety of animals that live on this hunting area. They showed how they prepare for the hunt. And what happens afterward to commemorate it with a trophy of the hunt. I did not note what happens to the meat. I could not tell if they plan to do anything with it. But this is hunting similar to what is done in any game reserve around the world.
Once again it is extravagant. The owner stated and reiterated the convenience of hunting in Texas not Africa. But I don’t think these animals are either endangered or otherwise protected from hunters in their native countries. So is it unusual to hunt them here, sure. This is a niche of business that is exclusive. But hunting or fishing any animal in a hunt is not always necessary. Not simply for substance. Plenty of catch and release in these endeavors. But these animals did not suffer. So is it greedy to hunt them? More than hunting any other animal? I just don’t see the greed in it.
Well anyone can judge for themselves. Watch the show. See if it is truly a sin. I think it is OK to want nice things. But there can be too much a good thing. I think that is a sin.

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