Keep Fowler and Herbstreit

I didn’t realize that Chris Fowler was taking the ABC Saturday night primetime college football game. Taking the spot that was Brent Musburger’s for quite a while.

I don’t know why Musburger would go from the national broadcast to a Southern one. But let’s see how that works out.

Personally I have never been a fan of Musburger. And listening to this Clemson vs.Florida State game; I much prefer this crew. I know that Fowler did the Thursday night games. But since the NFL has tried to muscle in on Thursday; I have watched less and less of college matchups that aren’t good. {Ironically I was at the Auburn vs. Kansas State since I live in the area and was lucky enough to get tickets} But the NFL, I watch for fantasy if nothing else.

Still Fowler and Herbstreit sounded a lot better than Musburger. And no inappropriate focus. It was all on the field.

Hopefully ESPN, who owns and operates the SEC Network, will leave this crew as its top. I don’t care for Musburger and Jesse Palmer. They can stay out of the National Championship games for my personal taste. This is not sour grapes. They won’t have the practical experience anymore than Verne Lundquist & Gary Danielson of the CBS broadcast who have an SEC game per week. It would be the same ratio. And I don’t want to hear those guys either.

I will start the campaign; No Musburger in the ESPN national championship semi-final or final.

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