What was the original plan for the survivors on the 12 Colonies in BattleStar Galactica (BSG)?

I am not talking about the straight to DVD then broadcast later Movie/Episode “The Plan”:


What I mean is; what was the overall plan for the people who survived the surprise attack during the Second Cylon War. Specifically all the things that could have or world have gone wrong if things hadn’t changed. If certain people had died in the attack, this whole series would have gone to pot. It plays a large part of the series on-going storyline. Not just for the first season. It is a something that has impact throughout. Specifically because one of the “Final Five” was marooned on Caprica. Not really sure why; referencing back to “The Plan”; why would the other 7 allow the “Final Five” to be split up at all? But that is an ever bigger topic.

Karl “Helo” Agathon was not supposed to live through the Second Cylon War. The original plan was that when he abandoned his seat on his Raptor to Gaius Baltar; Helo’s storyline would be abandoned as well. The Miniseries which originally aired on NBC was to be his last bit of screen time. That is supported by Ron Moore’s comments on this podcast:

So when Helo turns up alive once BSG was a regular series on what was then Sci Fi in episode titled “33”; Helo was back on Caprica and running for his life. From then on; he plays a pivotal role in the series.


Anyone who watched the entire series knows; Helo is the father of humanity on what we know is Earth. His wife Athena is a cylon copy of Number Eight who is originally known as Sharon Valerii the mother of humanity. Their daughter/ love child Hera is the chromosomal Eve for the human race on Earth.

So I will mention part of the problem even though it is an aside. There are cylons who make it to Earth but apparently they cannot procreate. No reason is given to why those cylons don’t just procreate with the remaining colonists to make more half-human and half-cylon children. Why this does not happen is a mystery
We know cylons cannot make their own babies. This is pain-staking demonstrated when COL Tigh impregnates a Number Six that we know as Caprica Six. Now this is the same number Six who was Gaius Baltar’s paramour on Caprica and on a basestar where she is in a ménage-a-trios with another paramour Dianna Biers, a Number Three. How she did not get pregnant with Baltar but does with COL Tigh is beyond me. And the de facto leader of the Number Ones~ John Cavil, proclaims the inability of cylon to cylon procreation as a fact. No one disputes it. Then it is demonstrated with Saul and Carpica.

Another mystery is why the colonists are not the chromosomal Eve? They are procreating just fine. Babies are being born throughout this series. So why they are not “tough enough” is a mystery.

Last mystery would be about the original Earth inhabitants. We see some bi-ped creatures that could be any member of the genus homo. Any of them prior to sapiens which we are led to believe is not started until Hera becomes the chromosomal Eve. Effectively starting Homo Sapiens.

More than that; why do they only deal with Caprica? The reason I bring this up is that there is such a bias to Caprica in this series. Why?

The 12 tribes all come from one planet; Kobol. Why would they spread out over 12 planets? Did they just despise each other after the space travel? Was there some advantage to being spread out? The writers could at least address this in some manner.

Personally I would have simply had the 12 tribes simply go from one planet to another. There are plenty of things that make Earth we know of different in different regions. I would imagine the same could be said of this planet.

But it is much more difficult to explain how not one ship forgot. They would have needed at least 12 ships to get from Kobol to the 12 different colonies. But this is a tangential problem.

My main concern is that there was no real grand plan. They were just making up things as they went. Lucky for the viewers that some of the stuff they made up was in response to positive things. Like Helo living. That was because he was a well liked character during the mini-series.

I would like to think the underpinnings were always there. That some survivors were always going to be shown. And that only the union of Humans and Cylons could safe mankind.

That is not by any means the only unexplained circumstance in the series. Another is one that would be a great story. Unfortunately it seems like we will never know who the forever boxed Number Seven : Daniel is.

I would like to think that it is Daniel Greystone from the prequel series Caprica. Hopefully if that series could have continued; we would have known a ton more about Human Cylon existence in the time up to the First Cylon War. Learn more about colonial life as well. And just learn more about that part of the universe.

It would be nice to see some of this in a book or graphic novel. Seems like no one is willing to make another series. Partially because it is simply too expensive. But some true life should be “breathed” into this story. It is not cool to just leave the fans hanging.

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