That is not what innuendo means

Bill Cosby has been trying to educate people, mostly children, for a long time. I can remember learning from his feature named Picture Pages when I was a child. And he has recently been vocal about the current state of Black Men as fathers’ to their children: . But maybe that could just be solved by remembering his son was shot by a drug connection friend of his: . Where did he learn that Dad?
But now Bill Cosby is not using the English language correctly. Bill Cosby is quoted as saying: “I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn’t have to answer to innuendos,”. . I think Mr. Cosby needs to look up the meaning of the word innuendo.
Since I don’t want you to waste your time I have already attached the Merriam Webster definition of the word: in•nu•en•do noun \ˌin-yə-ˈwen-(ˌ)dō, -yü-ˈen-\
: a statement which indirectly suggests that someone has done something immoral, improper, etc. .

The problem with Mr. Cosby’s statement above is that none of these women are using innuendos. The count is up to 18 as of 25 November 2014 spanning five decades worth of time : . They are all directly accusing one person of specific acts. They talk about specifics. They have given dates and times of Mr. Cosby’s alleged assaults. That is not innuendo it is an accusal.

Here is Mr. Cosby’s real problem; he has yet to directly said he did not do this. Why? I honestly don’t know why. I will not speculate since I obviously do not know him. Heck, I would not want to know anyone who has to drug a woman to sleep with her. I am actually appaled at eh fact that I used to be a fan of his. I was a kid then. But I will take him to task about his use of the English language. I will even tell him how to use it correctly.

Bill Cosby’s above statement is an innuendo. He is indirectly trying to make it seem like he is innocent. But that is not an actual statement of innocence. He is using an oblique illusion implying these women have done something improper in the form of lying. He is to try and trick the reader into indirectly thinking he has denied these supposed lies. In fact he has not mostly because these are accusations not innuendos. He has yet to convince me he did not assault and/or rape anyone.

The fact that he hasn’t been convicted of it is not proof. That is proof that law enforcement cannot make a case against him. Completely different issue since these acts happened a very long time ago it is likely neither side can make a credible case in the court of law.

In the spirit of teaching; words that Mr. Cosby could have used and been accurate:

All these words are actually accurate. Would have taken a little visit to a dictionary and thesaurus to get the right word. But in a charge so serious that he has been quiet on for so long; I think Mr. Cosby has had more than enough time to get this right.

It is sad to see that he is getting it so wrong.

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