If I was a hacktivist

If I had any technical expertise to hack into computer files and could get a copy of the movie “The Interview” I would:

1. Release “the movie on North Korean state-run [my guess] internet. Let the views happen there and make sure there is a counter that shows only how many times it is viewed in NK. See if the “Guardians of Peace” attack within NK.

or if I was really savvy

2. Have Kim Jong-Un email it to everyone on his friends list and to every news organization everywhere. What do the “Guardians of Peace” do then? Attack the Supreme Commander?

What exactly do these hacktivist think they have accomplished? See, they want to make a splash but that is only possible when an attack can be accomplished. Usually that means keeping things small.

The problem is; they made this movie so much bigger than it could have or ever would have been. Honestly there is no way I would have seen it before. But now, when I can safely view it; I definitely will. I think a lot of people who would have skipped it now will not. So what will the “Guardians of Peace” do? Do they think no one will ever see it? I just gave you two ways it could come out and I am not that smart or clever. Trust; this movie will be seen> Heck Sony will likely make a ton of money off this film. Because controversy sells, well.

So will the “Guardians of Peace” come after us all? Just Americans? What if it comes out in Zamunda? Are they going to attack Zamunda? Honestly I am not sure the juice was worth the squeeze.

It is a comedy. It is supposed to be funny. It could never happen. Why is this even important to them?

Only thing I can come up with is that the hactivists feel this is personally embarrassing. Maybe they are reporters? I will be interested to hear what the real story is.

What other movies are premiering this weekend? Who stands to gain. Any former Sony employees at new studios? I wonder? Money is usually how this works.

NK = North Korea

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