I am floored but should I be?

I was stunned when I saw this article today: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jobless-seahawks-fan-facing-jail-rejects-20k-game-ball-article-1.2085179 . But maybe I am wrong. I will list my questions that I would have asked this goofball/guy [sorry, just slipped out]. See if you would agree.

1. Where does someone with no job get tickets for a playoff game? Not a regular game where tickets are maybe at lowest $30 if you get a deal on some website like stubhub or something. I have to think playoff tickets for a playoff game have to start at like $100. Some might say, well they were a gift. OK. But this guy has two kids. His gifts need to go to those two kids. Particularly when, YOU DON’T HAVE A JOB TO PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE!
2. How does someone with no job pass up any amount of money?
3. When you are going to jail, how are you going to feed your kids?
4. Wouldn’t $20,000 go a long way to feeding your kids?
5. Even when you are jail that $20,000 would help more than a football right?

I could go on but this article seems to ask all the wrong questions. I know that sports is an escape. It is for me. I love sports. I like watching sports. I like playing sports. I like most things about sports. But nothing in life is perfect.

I think sports in general has come under fire. But this isn’t really about sports even though it happen in conjunction to sports. This is about taking care of your kids. That kid may like having memorabilia but I bet right now that kid needs a MEAL. This goofball/guy has his priorities all wrong. Of course, he is going to jail so I guess that is evident. So don’t blame sports, blame this goofball/guy Scott Shelton for being more concerned with some pigskin over his kids’ welfare.

goofball/guy Scott Shelton is a sad commentary of parenting. Even sadder commentary on reporting or lack there of.

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