The Curse Continues

The Madden Curse is real. I am sure you have heard about it if you are a sports fan. And this year is continues.

2015: Richard Sherman was on the cover of Madden NFL 15. Richard got hurt in the NFC Conference Championship game. Richard is also a member of the team that lost the Super Bowl. Now Richard needs surgery.

One bright spot though is he and his girlfriend are having a baby soon. So that is a really great thing that is about to happen to him in 2015.

It has been well documented that being on the cover of a Madden game has bad track record: .

Actually it is only bad for anyone other than John Madden. It used to be that he graced the cover. Since he stopped; you can see that something less than positive happened to the person on the cover. Not every guy has gotten hurt. And there is no real criteria for the curse. But no one has been a champion or had a personal accolade above the Pro Bowl. And at worse they have gotten hurt. Which is unfortunate.

Sports Illustrated has a bit to do with it too. This cover could not have helped: . The SI cover curse is also well documented:
Look at the Legion of Boom on the cover itself:
Richard Sherman: NFC Championship – Torn tendon needs Tommy John
Byron Maxwell: only healthy member
Jeremy Lane: Super Bowl – broken arm after an interception
Kam Chancellor: Super Bowl – hurt knee
Earl Thomas: Playoffs – recovering from a dislocated shoulder
And the worst, former Legion of Boom member Brandon Browner is on the team that beat them.

All that being said; the Seahawks are still going to be a tough team to beat next year.

Disclaimer: I often cite using Wikipedia. This may be a problem for some since it is not a static source of information. It is an easy to use source. I don’t feel the need to cite works as if this was a researched paper. I offer links as a means to verify what I say. If anything is incorrect; feel free to comment and I will make the appropriate correction.

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