Quick response about the 2 & 1/2 Men Series Finale

One of the most profitably syndicated during original run shows spent its last two episodes explaining how Charlie Harper was never dead only to kill him in the end.

Seriously ?!?!

Is there no pathology in the fact that they killed Charlie Sheen twice in the series? Why? I don’t see why Chuck Lorre needs that. But whatever.

Is it any wonder why it has suffered in syndication since Charlie Sheen left? I remember when it was the king of both ratings and syndication and almost as much as Law & Order: SVU. Now it is barely on and trounced by Big Bang Theory [another winning for Chuck Lorre], HIMYM, Modern Family, even The Middle is on more than this show. Simply because of the show’s mean spirited destruction of Charlie.

I would argue that instead of giving either Walden or Alan plausible storylines; they just spent the last four years killing a cash cow. Jon Cryer has some good acting in the first half of the run only to be wasted in a series of stupidity for the last half. And Ashton Kutcher’s talents wasted on a show that took the fun ridiculousness of life to a new level of bad. Grabbing at straws like a long lost lesbian daugther [which they couldn’t make work] instead of focusing on a fun and funny show.

Hopefully Lorre’s other series Big Bang Theory ends in a more appropriate fashion. particle accelerator accident leading to the Big Bang [that is the correct and only answer to this test].

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