Weird Book Change

I read a book in the summer of 2014 by Marie Astor. At the time I read it the title was Searing Lies (Love, Power & Sin). In part I read it because it was a free download on Nook Books. The story was interesting. But it brought up things that should have been important to the main character that got forgotten or glossed over. The really weird thing is; at times Ms. Astor makes a secondary character a Point Of View (POV) character. But, in my opinion, there are unresolved issues with that character at the end of the book. Leaving me asking why we’re wasting time on their POV at all.

Free Nook Books usually are offered in the hopes that the reader is so caught up in the story that they will pony up to read the following installments.

When I looked for the follow up, I could not find it.

When I went through my library of Nook Books I saw what looked like a new book. The title was Thirsty for Payback (Sinful Business Book 1) by Marie Astor. I knew the name sounded familiar but not the title. Then when I opened the book, it was Searing Lies. Still has the old title on the top of the pages. But the book cover is totally different.

A sequel is indeed out. Baiting Trouble – Sinful Business Series: Book Two. It is reasonably priced. But the overview is not nearly compelling enough for me to buy it. I will just skip it.

It is just odd that the name of the book changed. Not sure why. I have never seen that happen before with the same author. I mean stuff like that happens. The movie Manhunter is the same story as Red Dragon. Same with LA Takedown being an early less funded and less famous acted version of Heat. [Michael Mann is the common denominator with those movies]. So it does happen. But I am not sure if I have seen it with one author changing the name of a published book. All be it simply e-published but still it is work out there.

Someone might point out that Masters of the Universe was the fan fiction name of Fifty Shades of Grey; both written under aliases. Same as Beautiful Bastard starting out as The Office fan fiction. I do not think that is the same. That is going from a free version to a pay one. Searing Lies and Thirsty For Payback are both free. Storyline is the same. Just a different title.

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