What about 238?

I have been enthralled with The Selection series of books by Kiera Cass. Three books and two e-novellas I have devoured like sustenance for my brain and eyes.

Ms. Cass wrote an earlier novel which did not sound very interesting. Hence I have not read The Siren, which is the title of said novel. No real plans to either. No interest there.

But there was something that did interest me that was supposedly on the way. On her website; Kiera Cass talked about a possible new book [ http://www.kieracass.com/news/?offset=1370279775037 ]. Very few indicators were given as you can see. The one big one was that is going to be titled 238. That was announced in March of 2013.

Ms. Cass is stingy letting us know about the premise. She mentioned it is a crossed between Ally Condie’s Matched and Never Let Me Go. I am getting more interested.

I had already seen the movie Never Let Me Go; which is sad love story with a weird backstory but interesting. So indeed, my own interest is growing. How does this fit in? What will Ms. Cass write? I am getting a little excited.

I was so enthused; I actually read the Matched Trilogy. Ally Condie let me down with the trilogy. The first book (Matched) is really good. However the story meanders in the second (Crossed) and third (Reached) books and there was no clear understanding as to why the society was the way it was. Plus it goes from being told by one person in Matched to two in Crossed and three in Reached diluting the story, in my opinion. Despite being let down by that series; I am peaked with interest as to how Ms. Cass was going to craft her story.

She took to twitter to say that the full name [or designation?] is 2385725 https://twitter.com/kieracass/status/368215685643522048 . That was in August of 2013.

But since; there is no mention of 238.

Currently Kiera Cass is putting out more books in The Selection world. Not just sequels like The Heir and The Favorite. She is putting out prequels like The Queen.

Now I do not begrudge anyone their creative license. Please create away. But what about 238? What happened? Did The Selection overwhelm it? Was it just not that good in first draft? Might it come out sometime down the line? Seriously?!? I was interested what that story might be like. I don’t need a logical answer even though I am a logical person. I just wonder what happened there.

And my interest in The Selection is waning for a couple of reasons. One reason I actually started to like Celeste by the third book when I truly hated her before. And that did not end well for her. Plus the synopsis of these sequel stories seem to be too neat.

I understand how Clarkson pinning his hopes on Maxon was a compelling story. But there is so much missing in the way of a full story. Isn’t there someone from Greg Illea’s bloodlines still around? From his writings; he seems like the type of arrogant prick who would have multiple affairs with multiple lovers.

First is fertility. King Clarkson is an only child in the highest caste. Why aren’t there more people to challenge the throne from Caste 1? Maxon might have been killed in an attack than what? If Maxon hadn’t had kids what would have happen?

America comes from a family of five. Why is her family breeding like that? More kids didn’t help their family in any way so why have them? Same with Aspen, his family is an even lower class and had six kids and no Dad, why? I know it is a inexpensive pleasure but is that responsible?

Plus her family was in Caste five; why would a caste 1 who can ostensibly afford more kids not breed more?

The synopsis doesn’t mention the rebels. Did they just give up? Maxon and America’s love just overwhelmed everything? I mean their criticism didn’t just go away did they?

What about the people outside the country who were causing trouble? Did they simply fade away? Italy was aligned but did that stand strong? What happened in New Asia? What about France’s Princess Daphne? Did she harbor resentment?

Did the caste system go away in Illea?

All these questions might get answered. But that is all in The Selection realm. I can see how they might have overwhelmed the book 238. I am not the author and I think about all this stuff. Maybe Ms. Cass simply likes The Selection better which is understandable.

However, I still would like to know what happened to 238. I will keep checking her blog/website. Will we ever get to see?

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