Amazon Originals Pilot Season – Cocked

I was enthralled with this story from the start. Good premise. Mystery and intrigue along the way. Did not take long to hook me. But it was there quick.

I would like to see more positivity from the female characters. The wife was way too harp-ey. I am not lured in by her attitude. She can be a good wife and concerned mom without being a nag. There needs to be some balance to the character.

Dreama Walker is too whiny. I hope to see her character contribute more to the success. I would like to see her as a strong businesswoman. Someone who has thoughts and ideas to contribute.

Diora Baird is more than a sum of her parts. She is a decent actress. This show could show the rest of the world what she can do.

The kids could be written out. I know they add to the stress level. But they are a nuisance. I doubt their will be many good storylines for their characters.

The strength of this show is the Paxson family. Brian Dennehy is a proven commodity. But he should not be the main character.

The show needs to revolve around Jason Lee and Sam Trammell. They are the strength here.

Sam’s Richard brings the family drama. He is the straight man. He does well with that. And this will showcase his ability to play bring a little spice. But he is way too timid. Lots of room to grow with this role.

Jason’s Grady is the true wild card. Hopefully they can keep his brilliance and spontaneity without having to push him over the cliff. It can be a fun ride but he is going to be cut, bleeding and bruised along the way.

The feud between the Rayburn side of the family is worth exploring more too. I want to learn about the origins. See the real despite. I think that could make for a lot of good stories. Plus it is an allegory for how Richard and Grady could end up.

Maybe the Rayburn side could have a strong matriarch. It is always good to see a strong older female who contributes to the story. Would be a better foil to Brian Dennehy but seems like that ship has sailed. I think that both a compelling story from their side of the family and a strong female presence is a piece of cake.

Plus this mystery at the end; I want to know the deal. This one is worth watching. I would tune in.

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