Amazon Originals Pilot Season – Down Dog
“Good looking guy who does yoga and enjoys sex and is bad with money would like you to watch this show.” That is the singles ad that comprises the entirety of this show. I am not sure I have seen a show more vacant of any plausible direction or manner of a plot.

Watching flawed real people is its own industry. Look at the fount of daytime TV that flourishes with it from Jerry Springer to Maury to People’s Court to TMZ to even Dr. Phil. America has proven there is a market for flawed real people. Real people who are flawed. Seems like a waste of time watching a fully scripted flawed fake person.
Plenty of flesh and plenty of flaws but this show is lacking a truly interesting story. I enjoy doing yoga but somehow watching yoga and its yogis is not even half as interesting.

I wish I liked this show more. Andrea Savage, Paget Brewster and Alysia Reiner all are 30s/40s women who are portrayed as vital to the show. But they are still behind a weak male lead character. This show would likely be more interesting if one of them was the lead. They outshine Lyndsy Fonseca who is unconvincingly stupid on this show. I feel know empathy for her stupidity and vacantness.

The male friends are fun and funny. They make for good color and background. Logan’s quick backstory that opens the series is neither cute nor endearing. His father is not the loveable hippie; the father is a criminal and is really bad at it. He is poor and if you are doing something illegal; it should be worth something.

Bottom line is that Josh Casaubon’s Logan Wood is asked to hold up this show and it doesn’t happen. The character is not good or fun. The backstory is sad. The circumstances are ridiculous. And this show does not stand on it on. It is boring.

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