Amazon Originals Pilot Season – Mad Dogs

This show is mysterious; too mysterious. I could not connect with the concept or characters. I did not get enough information on what is going on.

I think if during the show there were flash backs; I would have connected with the characters. See the life that they are “leaving behind” by going to Belize. Because it seems like they are not truly friends just guys who were in situations in close proximity.

Like why is Billy Zane’s Milo so mad? What is his story? How will we find that out now? Seems like a premature move by killing him before the story even starts.

There is something there for the other 4 guys as well. But why not start with that. At least so we see where they are coming from.

They dipped their toes into their backgrounds. We know that Milo and Lex have known each other the longest. But why would Joel and Cobi be in the same room? That seems really weird and forced. I would want to know that before I know that there is a reason for unspoken tension.

There is something to build on I just don’t know what that is. The pilot did not give me enough information to know. I expect a show to be able to entertain me without the need for a big follow up. This particular show was not entertaining enough for me personally.

The suspense is not a good basis for the entire series. Suspense is something that should add in to a good story. Here the story is either weak or nonexistent based on the notion of suspense not an actual premise. We haven’t been given enough information to make that determination.

I can’t imagine I would watch this. I think I will just watch the British original that even poached Ben Chaplin. The original doesn’t even have subtitles or another language. So I will stick with the original I have never even seen or heard of before this stinker of a remake pilot. The original is usually better anyway.

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