Amazon Originals Pilot Season – Salem Rogers : Model of Year 1998

Rachel Dratch in a role that will fully demonstrate how good an actress she is. Not just silly cameos on 30 Rock, a show where she should have had the Jane Krakowski’s Jenna Maroney role like she did in the original pilot for the show. Ms. Dratch is so talented. She is known for her comedy which is exquisite. The way she could use her timing and expressions to make the truly dark “Debbie Downer” character funny on Saturday Night Live is the best example. This show with this character of Agatha will allow her to show her dramatic chops as well. I think this will be a good vehicle for her. Hopefully they allow her to shine in the show. I know that she is not the title character but she should definitely be the one who steals the show.

Leslie Bibb is basically playing a version of her character from GCB Amanda Vaughn. In GCB, Amanda became a “good girl” after having been horrible in high school. In Salem Rogers; Salem simply stays horrible in a unique way. It will be nice if she can become good without being a rich again. Usually I would not root for a show when I am not rooting for the title character. But I think that if Salem doesn’t overpower Agatha; this show could be really fun.

Jane Kaczmarek and Harry Hamlin provided really solid supporting roles. The role that could also shine is Toks Olagundoye showing how she has re-made herself. Maybe offer Salem some competition in the older model market? Have Hookah either already written a tell-all and modeling guides. An example of who she could have been.

Would be really interesting if they had an episode [or more] on a studio wanting to make Agatha’s books into a movie or TV show. Have the movie studio that would want to “jazz up” Agatha. Make her into someone like say “a young Salem Rogers”. Maybe make St. John more “realistic” and have the mock up be like Salem and Agatha but reversing the characters. That is just one way that the story could go.

I am so interested to see where this show will go. Which is a shock because this subject matter is normally not something I would enjoy. I laughed out loud and hard at the pilot. I cheered when Agatha told Salem off. It is a fun show. This show has what so many comedies are missing these days; a credible and funny premise.

I hope this gets a series run. Definitely the best show in this crop of pilots.

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