Amazon Originals Pilot Season – The Man in the High Castle

Good story that is hard to stomach. I am a history buff. I should be able to enjoy this. But I am not sure I can really get into it. The subject matter makes it very difficult.

Asians would be pretty much all bad. Not sure that is a stereotype I can stomach. It just seems shortsighted. It is not anything I want to enjoy. Much like a swastika; I need something to key off of to truly have a visual connection to that hate. I did not grow up with the same distaste toward Japanese as either my parents or more viscerally my grandparents.

I hate seeing Nazis in any context. It is much easier because I see their markings. It distinguishes who they are. Why I should feel my hatred. Not sure I want to spend that much time on a subject I dislike so much.

Black people would be probably even lower class then during the actual 1960s. So their low point would descend? Not so sure I can stomach that. Black people already have a low presence on TV series. If that is coupled with only seeing them in such a low position; that is doubly insulting.

The main characters are somewhat interesting. It is nice their is a little bit of diversity but that is a very little bit of in the form of one Jewish person. The twist at the end of the episode was not that intriguing.

I couldn’t stomach watching this very long. I barely made it through this free preview. Maybe this is why Philip K. Dick couldn’t stomach writing a sequel. Sounds like I am in good company.

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