Total Conspiracy ~ Presidential Race 2016

I admit what I am about to say is a total conspiracy. It is speculation. I have no real reason to believe this will actually happen. I have no facts. This is weird guessing. I am making a conjecture.
Do you think when Jeb Bush met with Mitt Romney on 22 January 2015 Bush offered Romney the V.P. spot if Romney would not run in the primary?
This would set of a Bush – Romney in 2016 ticket.
It is possible. But do you think it is probable?
I meant to bring this up when it happened. So much has been happening though. I just let it slip my mind. But I am intrigued by this subject.
I have a lot of personal interest in the things discussed. What came up? Domestic jobs? Foreign Policy? Stopping American businesses from moving? Healthcare? They have so much to discuss. To hear what the main categories were for the meeting would be interesting for me.
The media made this up to be a meeting much like an MMA or boxing match. Mono e Mono. It seems to have come out very congenial. And both sides seem satisfied with the result.
That is why I think that might be the case, that V.P. was offered. It doesn’t make sense to offer much more. Cabinet positions are way way down the line. Mostly so people will work harder to get Jeb Bush elected and subsequently a position in his administration. If people knew or were promised anything; everyone would coast.
This way; Jeb Bush has a very powerful supporter in the last Republican candidate. Mitt Romney has a very good profile. Has he made mistakes that cost himself personally? Yes. But I think most people think he is a smart and passionate man.
Let me say that if Bush did make this offer; Jeb is a smart and crafty guy. I think Romney would make a good V.P. Mitt Romney obviously has a real passion for this country. I do not think he runs for money. I don’t think he does it for fame. I think he does it because he wants the best for this country.
Speaking of which, if Jeb Bush is the best than that is great. The fact that his father and brother were President as well is not and should not be a hindrance. Everyone should simply evaluate whether Jeb Bush is the best person for this job.
This is something to think about. Or maybe I have just been watching too much House of Cards.

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