Did you know?

1. That the play-in games are tonight?
March Madness. One of the biggest sports tournaments in the country is technically starting tonight. But no one takes it seriously. Only a few of these teams has made past the actual first round from the play-in round. Moreover these teams playing tonight are all less likely to win it all because of their play in status.

I guess the better questions start with Do you know?
1. Do you know why they do these games?
2. Do you know why they are always in Dayton?
3. Why not just play in the NIT and make some money hosting a game?

I guess this gives more teams a chance at the title. More kids a chance to either play in or attend a game. But I am not sure if it makes any more sense though.

The really weird thing is the juxtaposition the NCAA seems to be in with certain sports. They have done plenty to expand the Basketball field from 32 back in the 1970s to the 68 teams currently. Yet they have fought tooth and nail to keep the football championship small. Why is that?

There is something to all this. I just don’t know what it is. Would be interesting to find out.

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