Orphan Black has “Cousin Oliver-ed” in its second season

So yet another Project Leda clone has been introduced in the 21 June 2014 Orphan Black Season #2 Finale. It is the same actress who has been playing young Rachel Duncan in her home movies that Rachel and Dr. Duncan have been “sharing”. But it makes Orphan Black more confusing before they make it more interesting. The writers and showrunners may think it is more intrigue and therefore more interesting. They are mistaken, it is simply watering down the storyline.

By introducing young Miss Charlotte into the mix is like when Cousin Oliver was brought on to the Brady Bunch. As if what this very popular and well written show needed was more intrigue by introducing a young character.

Why this is a problem quickly, Cousin Oliver was brought in on the third season of the Brady Bunch. As a result, the show was cancelled at the end of that season. And Cousin Oliver did not make it to the variety show or any of the many TV movies or revivals like the Brady Wives. Most people think that Cousin Oliver ruined and/or killed the show. He watered down the plot point. It is argued that the Brady bunch could have had some more adult storylines with the kids going in to college. Like a one income family affording college and lots of other potential stories. But no, Oliver ruined it for everyone.

This season we saw yet another older Project Leda clone, Tony. No idea why. This is continuing to waterdown the total pool of clones. That brings the count to 13 so far;
1. Beth Childs [dead – train]
2. Katja Obinger [dead – shot]
3. Janika Zingler [dead – possibly mysterious disease/unknown]
4. Danielle Fournier [dead – possibly mysterious disease/unknown]
5. Aryanna Giordano [dead – possibly mysterious disease/unknown]
6. Rachel Duncan [maybe dead – pencil]
7. Helena
8. Alison Hendrix
9. Cosima Niehaus
10. Sarah Manning
11. Jennifer Fitzsimmons [dead – mysterious disease]
12. Tony Sawicki
13. Charlotte Bowles


Here is the main problem I have with this. We still do not know what the original project was about. We do not know who ordered it. We do not know a lot of things about this show. So adding on more layers is probably not a good idea.

But here is one thing we know, the female portion of the project it was named Leda. This is a name from Greek Mythology. She is the mother to I think 7 kids in total but the four most notable are two sets of twins born simultaneously: Helen, Clymenestra, Castor and Pollux. So Leda is known to be a queen and mother. The clones are meant to be neither so why use that name? Why not a celibate goddess like Minerva?

So why is that the name of a project that was not supposed to produce clones with functioning reproductive system? Rachel freaked out when she learned that. This seems like something she would already know since she is the clone closest to the original program. Since the clones were designed to be celibate. It is a big plot point that Sarah has a daughter.

But there are a lot of questions to answer. First of which is a new one. By the time Charlotte was born; Sarah was without a monitor for at least a decade. So why did they continue? Moreover, how did they continue?

I assume Marion [Michelle Forbes] knows about the physical problems that are on the horizon. So why didn’t she take Dr. Duncan when he came in to help her daughter?

We met one mother. Marion mentions multiple attempts. How many mothers is that?

Moreover, what happened to Sarah’s original monitor? Cosima seems monitor-less without Delphine. Tony seems monitor-less because Sammy is dead & if he knew about Beth Childs’ death, why would he continue? Seems like the other monitors we have met [Paul and Donnie] are freaked out by the existence of other clones. Why is that?

And that brings up another thing. Let’s assume Beth and Alison have always had monitors. Who were their monitors growing up? How did that work?

Instead of dealing with easy and fundamental questions; the writers keep writing more layers on. It is not a good strategy; in my opinion.

All that is left is to see when this show “Jumps The Shark” a~la Happy Days. Which some might have said was what happened when we found out about Project Castor.

When you have a conspiracy, the only way for it to work is to keep it small. Even the “Clone Club” knows that. They implore the people in “Clone Club” not to talk about “Clone Club”. But as you can see; it continues to grow at a dizzying and uncontrolled rate. Even before Cal meets multiple clones he figures it out [although he might know more than he is letting on, right Daario Naharis?].

The Army is the last place to try and hide a conspiracy. The Army has lots of people spread out all over the world. But you would be amazed at how small the Army really is, I know first hand. There are a ton of people who all know each other. Heck there is only about 5% at most of the American public who are alive served in the military; I am talking active and retired but also currently alive. That is not a lot of people. If you are in long enough you meet a ton of people.

So now we have another clone conspiracy. So far composed of:
1. Mark Rollins
2. PVT Styles Miller
3. Prisoner in Marion Bowles house maybe Rudy
4. Seth

Dyad has another set of monitors? How did that work? Are we ever going to get a remote plausible explanation?

Only way I can really see this going somehow the girls maybe need the guys in some way. Maybe that is the true Dyad. That they are to work hand in hand?

BTW; for all those who know their mythology these names for the projects are just plain ridiculous. Project Dioscuri would have worked. Especially since in the military you want a battle buddy and what better “battle” then have a Castor and Pollux working together?

All this can start to be explained on Saturday 18 April 2015 with the premeire of season three. Something tells me that the writers and showrunners will just try to keep the audience in suspense even longer though. Some would say that is good writing. I say it is hiding the fact that their is no real direction.

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