NOT MY favorites list : Sepp Blatter

I can’t believe that the FIFA head Sepp Blatter has decided to step down. That is AWESOME!
Because Sepp Blatter is AWFUL!! In the worst way!!
Why did it take so long to confirm Loretta Lynch? She is amazing! First week on the job and she is taking down one of the biggest organizations in the world! More countries in FIFA than the UN. OMG! WTF!
While they are having a special vote to replace Blatter; they definitely should revote on the 2022 World Cup and probably the 2018 World Cup. If they have to give it to UEFA for 2018 and CONCACAF for 2022; that would be acceptable.
This could be a thesis but what is the point?
Euro 2016 in France will be the first showcase for a new president. Unfortunately the Women’s World Cup this year in Canada is already screwed.
Still I anticipate some good play on the pitch up north. Too bad they will have artificial turf. That surface is not capable of providing real grass north of the US.


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