Not on my favorites list : Buick Commercials

Buick became a company in 1899
Buick’s logo has been around since 1960
Why would I not know what car is a Buick? It is the oldest active automaker on this continent.
What about this current fleet of cars would make me forget what a Buick is? Are the looks dramatically like? Is the the logo updated? Is the feel of the car demonstrably different?
Take a look for yourself :

Am I that dumb? Wouldn’t I have to be? Because in my opinion; not much has changed. I can’t see the difference. Styling is a little different. That happens year in and year out. Not dazzling me in the slightest.
The recognizable Buick symbol is still on the front of every car. I don’t know what percentage of the buying public was born after 1960 but it probably. Instead she gets into a Ford Taurus. The logo says Ford. If I can read English; I would know I am getting into the wrong car.
Why is the following supposed to be something that is encouraging me?

Why not just say; Buick is making changes! Come see them at your local dealer.
That seems to be what Chevy, fellow GM company, is doing. Chevy is talking about what changes they have made. Why their cars are getting better. Better passive monitoring systems. More access to different applications. It is the same brand and in my opinion much better marketing. Not a better car mind you, just presented in a better light.
I think that Buick should be talking about what changes they have made that are innovative. What is making them a choice for all ages. Affordable family transport that is stylish. If you are so unrecognizable; tell me why. Don’t claim it, show it. This commercials in no way distinguish Buick.
Not something that was available on my 2014 car :

Instead we the viewing public have been subjected to these horrible commercials :

I cringe when I hear that Buick music. If I was working for Buick; I would tell them to ditch all these commercials and that music and start again.
Did I mention I am not a fan?!?

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