Not on my favorites list : Colin Cowherd

This seems par for the course with Cowherd.

I have heard some of Cowherd’s takes. They just seem odd. And worse; they are easily refuted.

I don’t have documentation but I believe Cowherd is in the crowd that thinks college football is better when Notre Dame is better. But I don’t think Notre Dame has actually been good for quite a while. I know they were in the BCS championship in the 2012-13 season. But their surgical dismantling by Alabama kind of proves that was a fluke. I mean that team was only undefeated because they won some suspect games. Most evident in the three overtime win against a very weak Pittsburgh. Which their second overtime game. I digress, I don’t want this to be about Notre Dame. My bottom line is that SEC / Big 10 / Pac 12 / MAC and all others fans could give a fig about Notre Dame.

The easiest take that Cowherd has made that will be measureable is the following:

Shall see in 2020. No reason why he can’t be off it by 2016. Heck by the fall of 2015. AM stations should just get rid of him now. Plenty of syndicated sports shows. Probably a bunch are less expensive.

Either way; I am not a fan.

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