Education Challenge

I believe in the power of the internet a lot more than the advanced algorithms of the various search engines on-line. Take your pick; Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, even Google. Give me a human being. Intellect. Ability to reason. Agile thought.

Actually I am counting on motivation. Motivated viewers. Passionate Pundits. And maybe some people who are just plain fired up. I don’t care who you are for or who you are against. I just want to find the answer to my question.
At 5:49 in this clip Sean Hannity says to Tavis Smiley; “Let Me Educate You”:

Personally I would have found that a lot more offensive than Tavis Smiley did. But Tavis Smiley is a well practiced host and guest in his own right. He has done countless hours on various media sources. He knows what he is doing. He is much more convincing than I am in making a good point.

This challenge is any out there. What I am looking for is a clip of Sean Hannity saying the phrase: “Let Me Educate You” prior to 8 December 2014.

The fact that Tavis Smiley is the first person Sean Hannity deciding to demean is of no concern to me. I don’t care if it was said after. I am sure there is someone who knows the answer. Friend or foe; I don’t care who has the answer.

If there is no answer; I guess silence is its own answer.

BTW: Who is Sean Hannity; a college dropout to educate Tavis Smiley; a college graduate? Strange no? On issues of race. Or policing, which Sean Hannity has never signed up for. In fact; what has Sean Hannity ever become an expert in enough so that he can educate anyone on anything? Other than bloviating. Is there anything he has a doctorate in? Or anything that certifies he is an expert? I mean Dr. Laura is not a medical doctor but she has a PhD. Same with Dr. Phil. Has Sean Hannity ever dedicated himself to that level of study? Has he ever entered a professional field like law or medicine or even arms? I

I am pretty sure the answer to all is: NO.

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