The Next Hack ?

Much was made of the hack of Sony Entertainment in November of 2014. It was a pretty big news story for about two to three weeks. Lots of coverage by the three old style media sources, the cable news, internet news, newspapers and pretty much all other media sources. The biggest effect was on the box office of the movie The Interview which lost at least a few million dollars in revenue. The lasting effect on the industry is yet to be seen though.
Now I emphasize the biggest effect was to the movie The Interview, in my opinion. I assume Amy Pascal would likely disagree. I am sure that there were other effects. I do not make light of anyone’s plight.
But honestly; I am not very sympathetic either. Work email should be for work. Work should be handled in a professional manner, in my opinion. I try to only send emails that I would want anyone in the company or world to see on a work email.
I save my opinions for places like here. Blogging lets me let the world in on my opinion. Also personal email lets me express my personal opinions. Work emails is for work. That is just me.
So that out of the way; I will get down to business. Ha-Ha.
The box office on other films likely was not changed. Other films and stars were discussed in the emails. Lots of different information came out. But nothing tangible like the loss in revenue and cancelling of showings. Moreover some movie houses did show the movie. I didn’t hear about any retailation though.
The lasting effect is the bigger thing here. The tactic used had an effect. It as mostly monetary though. Sony didn’t collapse and will not. Seth Rogen and James Franco will keep making movies. Their own, each other’s and other people’s. Their star power has not decreased.
There are plenty of big movies coming out this year. Sequels. New movies. Not just the summer season but throughout this year there are going to be blockbusters. Yet no threats to any other movies. At least not yet.
This kind of points toward who actually committed the hack in the first place. It is makes it clear. I doubt that there will be any hacks on anything outside of Game of Thrones this year. Even with the star power or intrigue into a few of the bigger releases. There likely will not be any additional hacks.
Just a guess.

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