What Heritage?

I have heard the word heritage a lot lately. Mostly in light of the shooting in South Carolina. Specifically the term: It is heritage not hate. This term is conjoined with the Confederate battle flag.

However, I am not sure what that heritage is exactly. So I challenge anyone who truly believes that tell the rest of us what heritage you are talking about?

Also, there is a lot of press about South Carolina right now. Let us not forget Mississippi. This is Mississippi’s current state flag:

link : https://www.google.com/search?

Mississippi’s main state university is Ole Miss whose mascot is Rebels. The original personification was Colonel Reb. An Caucasian male with grey hair on head, mustache and beard. I assume he was from the Confederate army. It was changed to a bear after a contest to replace an aging Confederate officer.

In all fairness; I do believe Mississippi’s flag was actually point to a vote at one point and it won. I don’t think it was on an even year though. I wonder if it would have survived an even year vote which is traditionally more representative of the full voting electorate.

There is precedent for changing a state flag when it has the confederate flag on it. Georgia did it. From 1956 to 2001; this was Georgia’s flag :


Then in 2003; a new Georgia flag was instituted :


I think they made the right choice. It looks both historic and stately. I actually harkens back to the state’s actual heritage. This is a proper representative for a proud and good populace. Something that everyone in the state can be proud of. So I think this new flag is most appropriate.

When I think of pre-Civil War South; I think of a few things. None of which have to do with the confederate battle flag. Farming. Cotillions. Slavery. Misery for poor white people and black people alike. Being behind industrially. Being behind socially. Disregarding the pain felt by an entire race. There are good and bad things that are a part of the Southern Heritage.

Moreover; didn’t the confederates lose? Is that an part of the heritage? Like a big part!

Why not celebrate their Southern resilience? The can do spirit that repaired the destruction. Why not celebrate where the South is now? The South has rebuilt itself anew. Hasn’t there been a great progression? I would think that is what Southerners would be proud of. But I am NorthEasterner so I do not know first hand.

I have represented this country in other countries (and I do mean countries because this was in issue in multiple places). It is disgraceful to be questioned about this heritage. The conversation was in reference to changing flags. What should someone be proud of. And I am not proud of that flag being a part of my country’s history. But I would tell them that terrorists aren’t representing me anymore than a terrorist should represent a nation or religion. That is my take on it.

Bottom line : The Confederacy was a group of domestic terrorists who attacked the United States. Any group of people who attack the United States and were also born in the United States; is a domestic terror group. Why anyone thinks any different I will never ever understand. Moreover; why anyone would want to associate themselves with this or any other domestic terror group I will equally never understand.

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