Scholarship is not a truly free ride

Did you know that you pay taxes on scholarships? I didn’t. But this family does:

Now if this guy got a job while on scholarship, he would likely be in violation of some rule or another. Someone from NCAA would come down and investigate. Ask him and everyone; who gave him the job? Who is/was paying him? Why would he get such a job? [outside the fact that he is a college student]

If a scholarship student is in school for just chemistry or mathematics or social work or something without any athletics; does that student get to keep working? And going to school? Maybe getting a meal and a drink from time to time as well?

I knew that there were/are very strict rules about scholarships. About what it pays for. That it is not truly a full ride. Specifically in regards to food. It is very restrictive on what is provided in that realm. But that is another issue.

NCAA should be fair to all students all the same. I mean the current system is set up that way. It should treat the athletes the same as those who do not participate. Not sure who would “police” that though. NCAA does not have purvey over non-athletes and it never should. But the rules of students should be the same. Where they are student-athletes or not.

Will there ever be a system that allows for athletes to get paid? Not sure. Main reason is because of capitalism.

The current system is somewhat communist. Despite variations in tuition or quality of education; scholarships pay for the same thing in general. It offers certain attributes dependent on what level it is [Divisions 1,2,3, NAIA, JUCO, Community College or others].

I am sure that there is much more to this issue. Because it was not personal to me; I know very little about it. But so much more needs to be figured out about this issue. There has to be a way to make the system a little bit more fair. And to allow kids to go to college without having to worry about money the entire time.

I hate that there are less sports at less schools. Would be good if we can stay in the forefront of all sports. Including the so-called “Olympic Sports”. Full disclosure I played two of those in my own college career.

One thing to consider; the Olympics captivate the sports world for two weeks. Why is it that Track and Swimming are only important to the sports world for two weeks every four years? That is only one week for each sport. Why? Those athletes train just as hard as any other sport. That really chaps my hide.

There is no easy solution. But it has to be discussed to start to get to one. Hopefully one that helps students get an education and enjoy participating in sports.

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