Why I don’t like polls 1

Northwestern just beat Stanford 16 – 6. Stanford is ranked number 21 in the country. Northwestern has won 10 games over the past two seasons. Seriously !?!

I am not taking anything away from Northwestern. They played a wonderful game. They won in all facets of the game; Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Sealed the game with an interception and a kneel down. They went out and won that game. And kudos to them. Good luck to them for every weekend except 7 November.

But this should not happen, respectfully. It does because most polls are useless. They do not reflect who is truly the best. It is an opinion not based on facts. Just something to look at.

Northwestern is not a football power. So the sports writers instead of doing their job just disregard them. This is why we should not trust in them. The sports writers are more impressed with history than going out and getting good assessments.

I am sure there will be more examples throughout the season. Last season’s bad rankings with Mississippi and Mississippi State being number one. Why? Ohio State being number 4 at the end of the season and winning the championship. How?

Mistakes on week 1. This can not be good. Why does anyone have faith in this evidence proven flawed ranking system

I have a better system. We deserve a better system. Best part of my system; it would eliminate polls completely!

[Implied but now stated; Northwestern was unranked to start the season.]

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