Why I don’t like polls 3

I didn’t see this game but unranked Toledo was able to score 16 points on the 18th ranked Arkansas who could only manage 12. The Razorbacks needed 5 points in the 4th quarter to get into double digits.
How does this happen? Why does this happen. Because polls are wildly inaccurate.

For some reason; we still rely on the polls. I believe we are doing this wrong. There is a much better way.

I plan on pointing out all the egregious losses by ranked teams. What defines egregious? Any team ranked 1-5 losing outside of the top ten. Anyone in the top ten losing outside of the top 25.

It is only week 2. Plenty more bad ranking will happen. Not just minor mistakes. I mean major miscalculations. Someone who should be looking for a better system.  I am ready whenever the NCAA is serious about having a real championship.

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