Why I don’t like polls 4

Unranked BYU beat number 20 Boise State. BYU 35 – Boise State 24.

Boise State has a legitimate track record of solid football. For the last 15 seasons; the Broncos have put a quality team on the field. Every play. Every game. It is about time they be ranked.

But BYU is playing some good football. I remember in the 80s when BYU was good. Every year they were in the hunt for a National Championship.

BYU just recently left the Mountain West Conference to be independent again. This is a tough way to go in modern day college football. The only other independents in the BCS are Notre Dame and Army. Both of whom have it hard despite their long history of National Championships and Heisman Trophies.

But BYU is showing that this move is helping their play. They maintain a high level of integrity off the field at the same time. This is the BYU I was used to in the 80s.

The Cougars pulled one out against Nebraska. This was after losing their starting quarterback during the game. Still they fought for one on the road. And Lincoln is no easy place to win no matter what the circumstance is. The Cornhuskers are strongest at home. But the red wave was not enough this time. The Cougars went out there and won that game.

Week 2 and BYU looks impressive. But being independent of the conferences is not easy. Especially trying to go against the Power 5 conferences. It is even more of a gamble then trying to win a conference. How did that work out for TCU or Baylor last year?

I don’t think there is a bias against religious school. Notre Dame seems to do fine. But this is a difficult thing to overcome with a panel of choosers. Would be so much better if instead of chose; there was a way to win your way in. I have a way. Just working on particulars.

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