Why I don’t like polls 5

Stanford beat USC 41-31. Which is odd since USC was ranked 6. Stanford slipped from the polls after a week 1 loss. A loss that was well deserved. Amplifying USC’s loss to the Cardinal.

How do these losses happen? This is not a fluke loss. This is confirmation of how wildly unscientific these polls are. So what good are they? No reason something like this should happen if polls were reliable.

This creates a larger problem since polls are used in setting up the bowls and National Championship game. Why do we have a system that relies on a system that is proven wrong again and again.

I am only pointing out the appalling bad rankings. I think number 6 losing is not that bad. That is why they play the games. To see who wins. See who is better. I do not think any top ten ranked team should lose to an unranked team.

This is verification that the polls are far from perfect. The polls are not properly researched. There is no real standard for the polls. It is a guess. Mostly based on history. But not recent. I mean it is based on history that has often been misinterpreted.

Notre Dame has squeaked by two consecutive weeks and seems to keep going up. Why? Is Virginia a “quality” unranked team? Notre Dame’s recent history; save their “good season” in 2012 culminating in one of the most embarrassing displays of bad polling called the 2013 BCS Championship Game. I guess that travesty in bad polling has continued keeping USC top ten as well.

It is only week 3. The rankings have been this wrong this early. They did not have a full grasp on the status of either one of these teams. Stanford was up then off and will likely be back on.

But why? This game is proof that USC is not good. So how is beating them helping Stanford? This type of thinking is not sound. It is just plain wrong. We deserve better. I am ready to provide that.

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