Why I don’t like polls 6

What a doozy!?!? Now all things being equal and in the interest of full disclosure; I do not like Alabama. I never have. I never will. I root against them always.

I will also say that Nick Saban is a great coach. They have had amazing talent. Not just good; I mean great. There are a bunch who were only good in college [AJ McCarron, Greg McElroy and others]. Some who are still trying to make things pay off [Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram]. More than a few who are also great pros too with greats like Broadway Joe Namath. Hopefully Amari Cooper is the next one. Yup, die-hard Raiders fan.

Still the fact that the Tide got knocked off by Ole Miss on Saturday night bring me great joy. Ole Miss beat Alabama 43 – 37. In Tuscaloosa. I believe the Rebels drought in Alabama can be measured in decades not years. Which is not very impressive since they play annually.

Even less impressive is a top five team losing to anyone outside the top ten. The Rebels sat at 15. The Tide rolled over despite being ranked 2nd.

These are young men playing these games. These guys are barely past boyhood particularly the freshmen. Even the sophomores are not that far from high school. The Juniors and Seniors are often dual focused on winning a championship and getting ready for the NFL. This is a pressure cooker for these guys. I am sure they all want it and welcome it. We still need to acknowledge how tough it is for them.

These guys who were just kids a few years ago should not be penalized by an imperfect system. There is so much riding on their shoulders. Pressure from their coaches. Pressure from the fans. Sports commentators pulling apart their every play. This does not even factor in the pressure they put on themselves. That is a lot when you are still thinking about psychology or history or any of the other subjects they are also taking while being both students and athletes.

The NCAA is making it harder for those kids to enjoy playing the game. Why is the ranking system making it even harder to get the correct teams into the playoffs? Heck it has taken far too long to get a real playoff.  Many fans of college football are still not satisfied with what we have now. TCU and Baylor definitely objected to the system last season. Now is the time to make it better. Continue on an upward trajectory.

These things should not happen in week 3. There is a way where it would not happen at all. Why don’t we just use a better system?

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