Does anyone else see the irony?

Luke McCown has somehow become the spokesperson for Verizon. How? It is a mystery to me. He is not a starting quarterback. He plays a sport where a helmet hides his face. He has talent. Plus he has a good straight-man routine :

Hopefully you see the irony of him estolling the virtues of using the back-up :

Because of Drew Brees injury in week 2; the back-up is going in for the Saints week 3. They need to make this change because of injury. Either way the back up is going to get a shot. That back up just happens to be Luke McCown.

And looking at the box score, Luke McCown did not do so badly:

C/ATT  YDS    AVG   TD     INT       SACKS QBR

31/38   310      8.2      0         1              1         84.9

I have seen starters do worse. His performance was good especially compared to his counterpart Cam Newton , minus the touchdowns :

C/ATT  YDS    AVG   TD     INT       SACKS QBR

20/31    315      10.2     2         0              1         86.0

But just like the starter the two weeks before him; Luke McCown was not able to get a win. Saints are 0-3. But can the backup be blamed for that?

Looks like Drew Brees will be back for week 4. Who will they go with? Odds on that Brees in this one.

Oh well, at least McCown has his Verizon. Maybe he gets free iPhone for life with that? Nah. Verizon probably still charges him the $15/month.

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