Fox Sports $2 million blunder is not paying off

Colin Cowherd is not my favorite sports commentator, to say the absolute least on the subject. I was surprised by the click-bait title that he is 100% right. About anything. But I clicked on this :

All I could say was “Wow!”

Until I realized, Chris Rock said the same thing at the beginning of the season of HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Here is part of the rant :

I don’t have the editing equipment or savvy to proof that Chris Rock makes the exact same point that Colin does, granted slanted to Chris’ experience as a black man. But if you have seen the episode or have HBO GO and can find the 17 April 2015 edition; you will see for yourself.

Congratulations! Way to steal that thought Colin! You took someone else’s sports take from six months. You probably figured no one would notice. I did. Fairly quickly.

The real congratulations goes to Fox Sports. You signed someone who makes controversial comments that get him fired from your competitor who is beating you handily. And know you have proof he is stealing. Not from players or formers players or other sports commentators. He is stealing from a comic. Good job Fox Sports!

Let me say, I am all for free speech. But why would Fox Sports pay a guy who is obviously not doing original work. It is sad the state of most forms of media. Not only that; they pay this thief $2 million []. There are a ton of guys making original sports takes that are doing podcasts for free. Fox Sports, if you ever want to be number 1, start hiring better talent. Because this is a fail that ensures I will stay far away from your programming.

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