What does the Alabama loss say about the South Eastern Conference (SEC)?

The rest of the SEC should be mad that Alabama is perennially ranked high. Why? Glad you asked. Thanks for that.

Because the rest of the league looks weak. The rest of the league is always ranked behind Alabama. Mostly because of the history that it is Alabama.

Now many will scream they have the top or near top recruiting class every year. What does that ranking mean? Nothing. Those young 17-18-19 year olds played against high schoolers. They are not proven commodities. Even good college players have flopped in the NFL. Even more good high schoolers flop in college. Those recruiting rankings are against guys who are 5’6”. That is not in any way accurate.

I am sure SEC fans will band together to give strength to unity of the league. But how does having the number 15 team beat the number 2 team make someone stronger. Moreover how does it make the whole league stronger? To be so obviously wrong about who is good in your league. I don’t see that as a good thing.

Often, mostly SEC fans and over anxious reporters, talk about what the ranking was when the loss happened. But if Ole Miss tanks the rest of the season; then it should tank Alabama’s season too using proportionality. That seems to rarely happen. Somehow it only buoys never sinks.

Last year I heard a lot of excuses about how Ole Miss and Mississippi State were number 1 at different points in the season. As if that made them strong. Both teams were not very good either way. As if a loss to them was significant. Why?

That is not a validation of the rank. It is instead proof against the current ranking system. In fact; the system all together.

I would be glad to be the NCAA Football Commissioner. I have a plan to make all these inconsistencies of the system go away.

Author’s Note : I wish this post was better worded. Also it needs to be outlined better. My current job got in the way of writing a better post. Plus I have other posts to work on. As a result; this post suffered. If I was NCAA football commissioner; this would not happen. Right now football is a hobby. I want to make it a job.

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